The “secret” to authentic influence

People think that to have influence you have to:

  1. Have fancy credentials (an Ivy League degree or experience! worked at brand-name company!)
  2. Be a brilliant expert who always knows the right answer
  3. Have a big title and recognized status
  4. Have an impressive track record (sold three companies! has thousands of followers!)
  5. Be a charming extrovert and eloquent speaker (preferably with a British accent)

Guess what, it’s NOT true.

I’ve been able to:

  • Convince the CEO of a top-three investor relations firm in Japan to promote me to managing editor when I was 28 and had no management experience
  • Become a $1M sales producer, earning the trust of hundreds of cynical New Yorkers to buy their health insurance from an unknown startup
  • Get 30+ world-renowned experts like Simon Sinek, Daniel Pink and Mark Divine to let me interview them on my mental toughness summit
  • Deliver training in mental/emotional control to men in the Special Forces — as a woman, with no military background
  • Help CEOs and executives shift their worldview and create habits that they weren’t able to on their own

I did all this as a quiet introvert from Iowa with no high-level connections, no NY Times bestseller, no genius IQ (ha!). And certaintly, no-one showed me how to do this when I was growing up.

I had to learn how to ACTIVATE my influence.

And you can too.

Because influence is not a function of what you’ve done, who you know or how much money you have. It’s a function of how you’re showing up in the world.

Here’s the “secret” formula:

So, tell me: Which of these three components do you need to level up?

How would having more influence — on your colleagues, clients, prospects, decision-makers — transform your life?

What would it mean to have greater impact in your world?

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