5 Shifts My Clients Make to Level Up as a Leader, Build an A+ Team and Scale Their Impact


Watch the entire video above to see exactly how my clients have turned conventional leadership wisdom on its head... and secured millions in funding, transformed their teams and growing fast as a result.

  • CREATE DEEP TRUST: Build respect and extreme ownership into the fabric of your team so they become a tribe of top performers who will walk through fire for you.
  • MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS: Manage stress and overwhelm so you can stay in control and nail the high-stakes decisions that drive the success of your business.
  • DEVELOP AUTHENTIC INFLUENCE: Eliminate "imposter syndrome" so you can energize people with your clarity and confidence, and generate the momentum you need to hit key milestones.
  • LEVERAGE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY: Stop playing chief fire-fighter so you can focus on the long-term vision and growth strategy while your team focuses on execution.
  • ESCAPE "THE SUCKER'S CHOICE": Do all of this WITHOUT sacrificing your values or running people into the ground, while reconnecting with the passion and drive you had in creating your vision.


Renita is an executive performance coach who has worked with 1,200+ clients in 40+ countries. She specializes in coaching the maverick leaders of the world — start-up founders, serial entrepreneurs and military Special Forces -- to succeed in a volatile and uncertain world.


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