Renita is passionate about human performance. As an executive coach, Juilliard-trained concert pianist and martial arts black belt with an MBA from INSEAD, she works with visionary leaders and their teams to perform on top of their game in building high-impact organizations.

Global Experience

Based in New York and Paris, Renita lived and worked in Europe and Japan for over a decade, and is fluent in Japanese. She’s delivered leadership and development programs in the US and Asia for Fortune 500 clients such as Deutsche Bank, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Time Warner, worked with individuals/teams at companies including Optimum Nutrition, Accenture, NASA, Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg, and delivered performance training for start-up communities at General Assembly, WeWork and NUMA. Renita also coaches military Special Forces (Green Berets, Navy SEAL candidates) in leadership and resilience.

Previously, Renita spent 15 years in management and business development roles, working side by side with entrepreneur CEOs at online healthcare, new media and technology companies.

To learn more, email renita @ renitakalhorn dot com