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Hi, I'm Renita.

I’ve been coaching high-achievers for over a decade.

And here’s what I’ve observed in working with over 1,200 clients, from Fortune 500 executives and serial entrepreneurs to start-up founders and military Special Forces:

When you don’t level up as a  leader, you put a lot at risk...

  • You set big goals but don’t have the operational discipline for achieving them.
  • You have talented A-players but they’re not aligned with the vision and taking extreme ownership.
  • You want to take advantage of opportunity but you’re confusing people with your lack of focus.
  • You’re working as hard as you can but you always feel behind.
  • You’re ready to grow but you don’t know how to scale.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

My clients go from struggling with stress and fear of failure to leveling up their leadership skills and building loyal and engaged A-teams — without burning out or losing control.
If you’re committed to becoming a leader who’s primed to take on the challenges of a fast-changing world, let’s talk.
We’ll map out a game plan to expand your range, avoiding the most common pitfalls and creating confidence and clarity in the future you want to create.


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What Clients Say

More real-time awareness of my own emotions and ego
"Everyday, I find more mental bandwidth to be creative about my leadership style and to influence more and more people. Almost everyday, I find myself thinking outside of the proverbial box. I'm leading team members from California and Dublin right now, and we'll be onboarding a team from India in the next few months. There's no way I'd be able to build and lead a global team in survival mode - now I'm looking forward to doing this!"
Ryan D.
Project lead for scale-up that’s grown from $0 to $300M in five years
Truly raised the bar on my professional life
"During our work together, Renita challenged me to live up to my goals and helped me to develop systems that will assist me through the rest of my days. Her coaching helped me increase weekly productivity by ~35%, shatter annual sales goals in months and – probably most important – create a work/life balance that allows me to enjoy every step of this amazing journey."
Chris M.
Senior Client Development Manager
So grateful for the opportunity to learn from everyone in this group
"Your tools help to create a foundation internally with your own team, navigate the politics and emotions and everything that goes into capturing large corporate accounts but then have that confidence, preparation and discipline so that when you do get in front of a client, not only do you know your content and your product, but you know how to effectively read a room and your team, and how to navigate the emotional piece of that transaction in a way that allows you to drive all facets of that experience."
Myron A.
Founder & CEO
christopher duggan
"So many things in the teaching that you do with us, Renita, were like little micro-keys. Just being able to open those tiny little locks one after another started me on these little trajectories, like when you’re on a spaceship heading toward the moon, and that little micro change changes your course. Small realizations that added up to big things, taking me off automatic pilot and giving me the power to make a different choice.”
Christopher D.
Founder & CEO
Robert_Wijers_Circle (1)
"Your program, with all the useful toolkits, has helped me tremendously in finding ways to understand myself and to help others in developing their methods as leaders. I love the outcome of my new ‘Rules of Engagement’ which help me to focus on who I want to be instead of focusing on what I have done in the past. I think this is a course all leaders should follow at least once in their live time to create more awareness for themselves about their beliefs and have a clear action plan to further develop their leadership qualities.”
Robert W.
Founder & Investor

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