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Hi, I'm Renita.

I work with maverick leaders to unlock their greatest potential.
  • Master the high-performance mindset to 10X your results, influence and impact.
  • Shift from operating in survival (reactive) mode to creation (growth) mode.
  • Rewrite the subconscious beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you.
  • Integrate your work and personal life for greater passion, focus and freedom.
  • Uncover your deepest desires and give yourself permission to have them. 
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    Latest Blog Posts

    • Oct, 7

      Why You Need a Better (Emotional) Vocabulary

      Recently, I went to a chiropractor here in Paris to treat the pain in my lower back. When speaking in English, I have a wide range of vocabulary to describe pain — throbbing, aching, burning, shooting, tender, sore, tingling. In French, however, all I could say was “it hurts.” If it had been a more […]

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      Sep, 7

      How to know for sure it will work out

      How do I know it will work out? In working with 1,000+ clients over the past 10 years, I’ve heard countless variations on this question. How do I know … … if I should start my own company. … which job offer to take. … if I should reach out to someone. … if the […]

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    • Aug, 31

      How to have more productive conversations

      The other day, I was coaching two super-smart co-founders who need to improve their communication with each other if their company is going to thrive. One of the behaviors they wanted to develop was more productive disagreements. “What are your criteria for a productive conversation?” I asked. “One that’s oriented toward a goal,” said one […]

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      Aug, 17

      Life is multiple choice

      Are you familiar with this image? Some people see the young woman first, some the old woman. And often they have trouble seeing the other even when someone points it out, “See her hooked nose? Her scarf?” Everything that happens in our lives is like this, open to interpretation. Typically though we stop at seeing what’s […]

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    • Aug, 3

      How to make the most of your vacation

      You know that moment when you’re “officially” on vacation? You’ve crossed off the last task on your “get done before vacation” to-do list. Set your email auto-responder. Told everyone, see you in two weeks! And yet, you can’t seem to get out of work mode. You think of an email you need to send. Information the client […]

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      Jul, 20

      Why wait for crisis or trauma to make a change?

      One of my good friends recently did something that surprised me. She bought a juicer. And not just any juicer — a top-of-the-line $300 cold press juicer. She’s also signed up for personal training sessions, after talking about starting to work out again for over a year. What surprised me was there was no obvious […]

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    • Jul, 6

      How to get more passion in your life (instantly)

      I was speaking with a former client yesterday. He’s super smart, with a PhD in nanotechnology. He’s lived across Europe and Asia, and has a gift for connecting with people. He’s also a talented artist, whose work has been exhibited in public. And yet, he’s feeling stuck. Bored even. He wants to find work he can feel passionate about, where […]

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      Jul, 2

      How to shorten the agony of procrastination

      Several years ago, I decided to enter a piano competition. I had about six months to prepare and my goal was to practice two hours a day during the week and three hours on weekends. Just to be clear, this was something I had voluntarily chosen. Sitting at the keyboard is not physically strenuous. The piano was […]

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    • May, 30

      The Houston Rockets’ odds-defying choke

      In the world of basketball, everyone’s talking about the Houston Rockets — and not for the right reasons. In Game 7 of the Western Conference finals, they were up against the Golden State Warriors, the team to beat going into the finals for the fourth year in a row. The Rockets had spent the last […]

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      May, 22

      Be careful what you wish for

      You know the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for”? In the weeks since I got back from my cycling vacation in Spain last month, I’ve been saying to people — with great conviction — “I want to spend less time in front of my computer.” Now, what I meant was, I want to spend […]

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