Are you the right kind of productive?

“How do I know if I’m busy enough?” a CEO client asked me.

For founders scaling their business, making the shift from operator to executive is tricky.

As an operator, you’re used to being a “rock star,” feeling the dopamine rush of executing.

You gauge hard work by the:
– long hours you put in
– tasks you complete
– tangible results you produce

Now, as a CEO or executive, your main job isn’t to execute.

You’re more like the conductor of an orchestra.

And as Ben Zander says: “The conductor doesn’t make a sound. The conductor’s power depends on [their] ability to make other people powerful.

So you have to find a different way to feel productive.

You still have a “to do” list.

You still have OKRs.

But the focus is on:
– the obstacles you remove
– the clarity you create
– the connections you enable

So you can build something bigger than yourself.

And that’s the ultimate dopamine rush.

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