Know all the leadership concepts, but still don't feel like the confident, authentic leader you want to be?

The Evolving Faster leadership program gives impact-focused tech founders the skills, frameworks and tools for self-mastery, authentic influence and getting the best out of their people.


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Here's the simple truth: acquiring knowledge isn’t enough.

You can read books, articles and blog posts, listen to TED talks and podcasts, go to conferences and leadership bootcamps, take online courses, watch Youtube videos and ask people for advice.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get the information you need.

But trying to put all the concepts into action without a strategic system is “hit or miss” learning. It makes building your company more stressful than it needs to be.

On top of that, today's business environment is only a hint of the complexity to come.

If you're wondering whether you'll be able to accomplish your vision amid constant uncertainty and change…

Then you're not alone!

If you're like other high-growth tech founders, you're realizing that…

Your ability to learn and evolve as a leader is the biggest bottleneck to building the company of your dreams.

The good news is: you can train yourself to learn faster. 

Everything you need to capitalize on your full potential as a leader already exists inside you.

This isn't about finding the right leadership approach to handle every situation (it doesn't exist).

It's about developing a system of tools, habits, techniques and mindsets to manage the stress and self-doubt, freeing up your energy to focus on growth and impact.

This will allow you to show up consistently as an authentic leader — a leader who creates deep trust with their teams, customers and the ecosystem around them...

And truly enjoy your work each day, knowing you're the right person for the job, so you can make decisions with courage and confidence.

Let me explain how...

Hi, I'm Renita.

As an executive coach, I've worked with 1,300+ high-performers in 40 countries, from Fortune 500 executives to Inc 5000 entrepreneurs. 

Tapping 10+ years of working with future Navy SEALs, I'm on a mission to help you go beyond ego-driven self-improvement and evolve into your true, authentic self. Because enabling high-integrity people to become more authentic leaders is a crucial part of creating a better future.

The system I want to share with you is the result of thousands of hours spent coaching, teaching, speaking and writing about self mastery and high performance.

My work has been featured in...


The Mental Six-Pack System

This is my three-step process for consistently leveraging your experience into deeper self-awareness and better performance.

Whether that's better decisions, more influence or new capabilities. And, as a side effect, the constant worry that you're not good enough will fade away for good.

"Because humans are capable of conscious, memory-based learning, we can evolve further and faster than any other species, changing not just across generations but within our own lifetimes." 

~ Ray Dalio, Principles

While the world is constantly changing, the process of evolution remains fundamentally the same:

  • going outside your comfort zone
  • learning from trial and error
  • adapting your response 

By leveraging the power of deliberate practice...

You can supercharge your effectiveness and capitalize on your authentic leadership power to transform your relationships, business and life.

Evolving faster allows you to surf the waves of experience instead of drowning in them.

  • Feel like a sponge, constantly growing and expanding
  • Have a different relationship to stress: calibrate your reaction like fine-tuning a stereo
  • Master the art of doing more with less


I've charged $25,000 to teach this system at some of the world's leading organizations. But I want to make the same quality of training available to everyone regardless of where they live or which resources they have access to.

In this program, you'll gain the best insights and methods I offer my clients, while receiving direct coaching from me, for a fraction of the investment.

What Alumni Are Saying:

Ryan Denner

Program lead, scaling

telecom business to $300M

"Not being in survival mode has enabled me to experience so much exponential growth and contribution."

""Before, when conversations got really emotional and 'messy,' I would just disengage. Now, I'm much less afraid to interject when any conversation is going off-the-rails. I've developed a reputation for not being afraid to ask the hard questions and speak up about the hard topics.

Everyday, I find more mental bandwidth to be creative about my leadership style and have more influence. I'm leading team members from California and Dublin right now, and we'll be onboarding a team from India in the next few months. There's no way I'd be able to build and lead a global team in survival mode - now I'm looking forward to doing this!"

Iza Tigli

Global program management executive

"I use the FASTT Map to orchestrate conversations with senior executives and to shift my team out of survival mode."

I work with global, multi-functional teams to solve complex problems with tight deadlines. In these high stakes and fast-moving environments, it's easy to undermine yourself or be overwhelmed. 

Renita's program gave me tools and mindsets to better understand my team’s needs and perspectives.


I use the FASTT Map to orchestrate conversations with senior executives and keep stakeholders engaged and to shift my team out of survival mode to make better decisions.

These are powerful tools that I wish I knew before. Now, I cannot wait to use them more often."


This 8-week program is for impact-focused leaders who want to...

Create deeper levels of trust.

Build respect and extreme ownership into the fabric of your team so they become a tribe of top performers who will walk through fire for you.

Leverage time and energy.

Stop playing chief fire-fighter so you can focus on the long-term vision and growth strategy while your team focuses on execution.

Develop lasting influence.

Eliminate "imposter syndrome" so you can energize others with your clarity and confidence, and generate momentum to hit key milestones.

Escape the "Sucker's Choice."

Do all of this WITHOUT sacrificing your values, your health or running people into the ground, while maintaining the passion and drive of creating your vision.

Master their emotions.

Increase your capacity for stress so you can stay in control and nail the high-stakes decisions that drive the success of your business. 

Expand their  range.

Develop a well-rounded repertoire to navigate paradox, manage "wicked" problems, and empower your people with the skills and mindsets needed to deliver exceptional work. 

The Promise of the Program
You'll learn a systematic method to optimize your thinking, master your emotions and have more influence, leading to exponential breakthroughs in your work and life.

What's Included: 

Everything you need to level up your leadership fast

Interactive Live Sessions

8 LIVE master class sessions (90+ min) taught by Renita, with hot-seat coaching and role-play

1:1 Leadership Coaching 

Two 45-minute executive coaching sessions with Renita on your top leadership challenges

10+ Video Lessons

Learn the Mental Six-Pack method on your own time with lifetime access to future updates

Private Online Community

Connect with Private online discussion forum, curated resources, and a community of high-EQ leaders

Practice While Getting Real Work Done 

Practice the exact situational leadership skills you need -- while getting actual work done

Exclusive Interviews

Access to AMAs with Navy SEALs, successful founders, and other experts known for their team leadership

Next cohort in early 2023. Join the waitlist!

Myron A.

VP, Sales

"This program and the other participants are a gift and I am forever grateful."

"What these tools do is allow you to create a foundation with your own team, navigate the politics and emotions and everything that goes into chasing large corporate accounts but then have the confidence, preparation and discipline so that when you do get in front of a client, not only do you know your content and your product, but you know how to effectively read a room and your team and how to navigate the emotional piece of that transaction in a way  that allows you to drive all facets of that experience."

Christopher Duggan


"So many micro-keys...small realizations that added up to big things, giving me the power to make powerful choices."

"So many things in the teaching that Renita did with us were unexpected. They're like little micro-keys, you know those little tiny keys you had when you were a kid that were so much fun, and just being able to open those tiny little locks one after another started me on these trajectories, like when you’re on a spaceship heading toward the moon, and that little micro-change changes your course. Small realizations that added up to big things, taking me off automatic pilot and giving me the power to make powerful choices."

Rocky Lalo

Co-founder, Real estate start-up

"Using your tools in real life."

"I've been telling people they gotta take this course. It’s gonna teach you how to master your emotions, how to put your mindset in the shoes of others. I was taking tidbits from the other people in the class and using your tools in real life."


What you'll be learning and doing week by week
A comprehensive curriculum on leveraging your authentic leadership influence


Introduction: The Big Picture

☑ An overview of Leadership Agility: the new skill to produce 10X results with 1/10 the effort

☑ Identifying and overcoming the most common limiting beliefs we encounter around leading, people development and learning

☑ The Era of Empowerment – why the future of leadership will be dedicated to creating eco-systems, not ego-systems, based on your ability to communicate, build trust and relationships, and manage "wicked" problems


Week 1: The Trust Equation

☑ How to amplify the single biggest opportunity for creating trust without taking time or having to prove your credibility 

☑ The four key components of trust and how to avoid the results-focused approach that can actually destroy trust

☑ Learn the actual mathematical formula for diagnosing the level of trust in a relationship and a checklist to pinpoint how to restore it when it’s lost: The Trust Equation

☑ Take the Survival Orientation Snapshot for a 9-point evaluation of your current trust-building patterns

☑ Identify the “low-hanging fruit:” communication habits you can adopt that immediately increase your trustworthiness with anyone


Week 2: Stress Management and Getting Out of Survival Mode

☑ Understand how to override the three cognitive mistakes that keep you on the treadmill of survival — access new levels of focus, clear decision-making and compound learning 

☑ Learn how to minimize the impact of uncertainty (global, long-term, daily) on productivity

☑ Discover the neuroscience behind the five FASTT drivers of human behavior – how to transform social threats into meaningful rewards for greater motivation, trust and engagement

☑ How to identify and neutralize thousands of daily “stealth triggers” so you can increase your capacity for stress without impacting your cognitive functioning or immune system

☑ A new way of managing stress using “micro-shifts" instead of stop-gap measures – people who miss this are destined to eventually suffer from adrenal fatigue and burn out

☑ Dreading difficult conversations? Complete the FASTT Map for greater self-control, situational awareness and ability to influence stakeholders, especially when the stakes are high


Week 3: Emotional Control and Trimming the "Mental Fat"

☑ Why "emotions as chemical reactions" is the missing link in most people's attempts to change – and how factoring it in can unlock new behaviors as soon as your next conversation

☑ Interrupt emotional loops using the "90-second rule" – a helpful constraint to escape the judgment zone in minutes instead of hours or days

☑ Create your personal recovery strategy, using a series of micro-shifts to permanently change unproductive reactions

☑ Feeling out of control? The physical technique that will enable you to trick your brain so you can instantly feel safe and present in the moment

☑ Explore the fascinating science behind "the heart as a second brain” — how to maximize its electromagnetic power for authentic connection, communication and decision-making


Week 4: Optimize Your Thinking

☑ A little-known distinction – between emotional and functional thinking – that can completely revolutionize your productivity and get you off the emotional rollercoaster

☑ Decoding the hidden payoffs of unproductive behaviors (e.g. proving yourself, micro-managing, second-guessing) so you can change your default behavior once and for all

☑ Understand how to cultivate self-compassion and kindness as the key skills required to achieve ultimate levels of performance and leadership

☑ "Time as a tool" not a threat: a different take on time management that starts with creating boundaries for focus, instead of a scarcity mindset

☑ Eliminate overthinking using the "what not why” technique to instantly shift to productive, intentional action


Week 5: Ego Management

☑ Learn Ego Negotiation techniques – the new, far more effective way of dealing with your inner critic that becomes possible once you have a Mental Six-Pack

☑ Discover the incredible power of personal Rules of Engagement, with a specific template and guidance on how to create them for yourself and your team

☑ Become bullet-proof: "BBC-style narration," wiggling and micro-recovery as potent sources of calm and self-control for leaders


Week 6:  Impact-Driven Leadership

☑ Understand the common pitfalls of servant leadership, and the agile approach based on my experience with 1,000+ clients

☑ Equip yourself with 6 distinctions around “proving vs purpose” – critical skills to create psychological safety, improve decision-making and focus on value creation 

☑ What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: a step-by-step walkthrough to identify "blind spots" and upgrade outdated achievement strategies

☑ Don’t have time for 1:1s? Increase the return-on-investment of each interaction by training your team how to talk to you

☑ Turn observations of others into interstitial "field notes" that improve your ability to give valuable, targeted feedback

☑ Afraid to be your true self? How “Own Everything" is the mindset you need to recover all the energy you put into hiding parts of yourself, and experience a lasting sense of peace, freedom and invincibility


Week 7:  Conversational Capacity

☑ How to transform difficult conversations into unexpected “bonding moments" that allow you to instantly access more of your team’s hidden potential and create extreme ownership

☑ The secret of "Strategic Vulnerability:" how great leaders navigate politics, irrational behavior and emotions

☑ Discover the power of Intentional Practice, with in-depth feedback and guidance on how to integrate it into your performance routine and with your team

☑ Practice real-life high-stakes conversations with peers in a safe environment, with instant feedback and coaching on how to strategize and respond

☑ Strengthen your conversational capacity and ability to read the room by borrowing principles from Navy SEALs, stand-up comedians, FBI negotiators and other experts in high-stakes communication


Week 8:  High-Velocity Learning

☑ Find out how great leaders extract more learning from their experience and build up their leadership capital using compounding gains

☑ Transform failure into intellectual property: how to leverage your team's mistakes to create a valuable experience database that drives accountability and continuous improvement

☑ Operationalize Your Learning: The 4 essential steps that a high-velocity learning system must have, and how to apply them

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