The simple question that wipes away doubt and overwhelm

Recently, my CEO client secured $300M to scale the business.

And he shared an amazing revelation:

He’s been a rock star at every company where’s he worked.

“You can’t succeed your way to happiness,” he told me. “There’s nothing you can receive from the material world to create inner peace.”

My clients are high-achievers, with alpha personalities.

Most of their lives, they’ve strived for the best: top grades, top schools, top investors, top rankings.

They’ve relied on pressure — ambitious goals, high expectations, potential failure — to keep moving.

But at a certain point, they realize something:

They’re tired!

That the cycle of “when I get there, I’ll be happy” never ends.

That they can’t be their best self when they’re constantly seeking.

They want to play the game differently.

So I give them a question to quiet the noise.

That cuts through anxiety and overwhelm:

Am I coming from Ego or from Love?

Here are some telltale differences:

🐵 Ego is afraid of being rejected.
💖 Love is committed, but not attached.

🐵 Ego is focused on proving.
💖 Love is focused on connecting.

🐵 Ego says, “Why is this so hard?”
💖 Love says, “How could this be easy?”

🐵 Ego is focused on not losing what it has.
💖 Love is focused on creating a bigger pie.

🐵 Ego needs to justify, convince, explain.
💖 Love … doesn’t.

So, your “what” probably won’t change.

– You’ll still be running all-hands meetings.
– Putting together pitch decks.
– Dealing with team members who leave, complain, don’t get along.

But when you’re coming from love, the “what” doesn’t define you.

It’s about “how” you’re showing up.

And that, you only have to do one moment at a time.