The power of noticing

A healthcare executive was in a tough spot.

His hospital staff were all threatening to quit.


They felt unappreciated, taken for granted.

“But what else can I do?” he asked.
🤷🏽 If he’s not vigilant about safety and compliance, patients die.

🤷🏽 It takes time to have 1:1s with each team member.

🤷🏽 He’s already working 14+ hour days.

“I’m really good at noticing what people aren’t doing right,” he told me sheepishly.

“Great,” I said. “You’ve developed the ‘noticing’ muscle. Now start noticing what they ARE doing right.”

And just tell them what you see:
👉🏻 “You’re a calming influence in the meeting.”

👉🏻 “You’re really on top of the details.”

👉🏻 “I see you helping out.”

Because here’s one thing I’ve learned working with 1,200 high performers: Most of them are self-critical and afraid of getting it wrong.

So when you acknowledge what they’re doing right, it shifts their focus — from “I hope I’m not screwing up” to “let me do more of what works.”

I know…it’s not easy.

But a little recognition goes a long way.

Try it for a week and see if magic doesn’t happen.

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