Running on bingo fuel?

Self-care. Somewhere along the way, it came to be seen as a sign of weakness.
A tradeoff with self-discipline.
An optional indulgence.
But I’m guessing you brush your teeth every day. Take showers regularly.
So clearly some self care is acceptable.
I imagine, also, that you charge your phone every day. Put gas in your car.
So you understand the value of a full battery or tank.
Navy SEALs have a concept called “bingo fuel” — the minimum fuel required for a comfortable and safe return to base.
They’re used to dealing with extraordinary levels of danger and risk and yet, when they see they’re running on bingo fuel, there’s no resistance or bravado. They stop and fill the tank.
I don’t know your optimum recipe for self care.
But I do know that without it you can’t be at your best.
Because you will:
👎🏻 Obsess on the wrong things.
👎🏻 Be impatient and reactive.
👎🏻 Struggle to make clear-headed decisions.
And I can tell you that, for every one of my clients, self care has been the key that unlocks incredible transformation.
The CFO who finally made the time to address her debilitating back pain and was able to turn around difficult relationships with the management team.
Or the VP who made hiking in nature a weekly routine and came back with insights and the courage to take a stand that earned him recognition and respect across the organization.
What are the signs you’re running on bingo fuel?