The formula for business success is broken.

The formula for business success is broken.

It’s not enough to focus on efficient output.

Instead, the best leaders will:

👊🏻 Leverage technology — not people — to achieve efficiency.

(Just because you *can* do back-to-back meetings doesn’t mean you should.)

👊🏻 Build in redundancies and reserves for unexpected events.

(Just because you *can* make the bottom line look better doesn’t mean you should.)

👊🏻 Treat people like humans, not machines. 🤖

(Just because you *can* drive people to produce more doesn’t mean you should.)

The best leaders will still raise the bar.

But in a different way.

By giving their people time and space:

To prepare and reflect.

To go deeper, not necessarily faster.

To produce quality, not volume.

Because they know harnessing human potential will create so much more than mere efficiency.

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