What can having more influence do for you?

Years ago, before I became a professional coach, I had a colleague who reported to two bosses, one in the US and one in Europe. At one point, we were on a business trip together, bonding over an after-work drink, and she began venting about one of them. I listened for awhile and then pointed out how the situation might look from his point of view.

The next morning, I got an email from the boss in question saying, “I don’t know what you said to H, but she sent me a long email apologizing for being such an a**hole over these past few months.”

And just like that, the relationship between the two of them dramatically improved and they were able to work together more productively.

This is the power of influence. It can be like hitting an ace in tennis where, with one serve, you win the point: Speed, certainty and no energy wasted going back and forth.

When you understand the real drivers of human behavior — when you can master your own emotions and make people feel safe to trust you — it’s like having super powers. You have the confidence and courage to ask for what you really want, to position yourself for greater responsibility and impact. 

What would it mean for you to have more influence? To get people to:

  • Answer your emails/calls so you can get your work done: When I launched my mental toughness summit, I reached out to dozens of world-class experts, New York Times best-selling authors like Simon Sinek and Daniel Pink. More than 80% sent a reply within days and many of them agreed to participate based on my first email. 
  • Treat you with respect: Like the client who turned a potential confrontation with an insecure managing director into an authentic conversation where he not only diffused the conflict but positioned himself for a promotion.
  • Change their negative opinion: Like the CFO who went from getting a critical six-page performance review from the CEO to becoming one of his trusted advisors.
  • Give their best effort: Like the CEO entrepreneur who galvanized her team of engineers to work around the clock to make the technology work for their first major contract. 
  • Give you what you want (even if they don’t like you): Like the client who was able to negotiate a generous severance package with the boss he didn’t get along with.
  • Increase your compensation and responsibility: Like the client who negotiated a five-figure raise two months after joining the company and positioned herself for a leadership role in a high-profile change initiative. 

This is what participants learn in my Influence Mastery Accelerator, an 8-week group coaching program. Want to see if you’re a good fit? Let’s talk:

p.s. What participants are saying:
“The goal of starting your emotional mastery course was to find the language to further understand how to be a great leader.  I have always been seen as a capable leader but I lacked the skill to clearly explain my leadership style and thereby engage others to do the same. Your course, with all the useful toolkits, has helped me tremendously in finding ways to understand myself and to help others in developing their methods as leaders.” Social Impact Investor

“My journey began with a focus on mastering my emotions and regaining my confidence as a leading sales professional, however I am finding that this is only the tip of the iceberg as every interaction that I have within this group has me walking away with so much more. Renita – this course and team are a gift and I am forever grateful.” Director of Strategic Accounts