[PODCAST] Use Quantum Thinking to Become Invincible, with Greg Kuhn

Greg Kuhn is a professional educator and futurist who has a knack for translating the laws of quantum physics into simple and practical techniques that are easy to apply in everyday life.

It wasn’t always like that. After a painful experience investing his savings in real estate and ending up on the verge of bankruptcy and foreclosure, Greg realized that all his action and “positive thinking” were based in Newtonian paradigms — trying to change the external material world instead of his internal beliefs.

He dived into an inquiry of quantum laws and realized that these paradigms were a more accurate reflection of how our universe truly “works” and he’s now written seven books in his “Why Quantum Physicists…” series covering the topics that most humans care about: wealth, health, growth and relationships.

Greg and I discussed how quantum laws help us have more control over our emotions and interactions with others, how we affect everything we observe, and why positive thinking doesn’t work.

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