Want a loyal, high-octane team that will walk through fire for you?

I work with #deeptech and #hightech founders and their teams to elevate their leadership communication skills, productivity and capacity for stress under pressure.

Working with me, executives have turned around hostile teams, start-up founders have transformed investor rejection into $5M funding, sales VPs have nailed high-stakes negotiations and military leaders have led teams of Special Forces in Africa.


  • Create a high-performing team based in trust, respect and extreme ownership
  • Master stress and overwhelm so you can do more with less
  • Stay calm and in control even in volatile, uncertain conditions
  • Develop authentic influence to manage conflict and align stakeholders
  • Build the company of your dreams without sacrificing your integrity, values or relationships

I’ve worked with 1,200+ high-performers in 40 countries, from CXO start-up founders to military Special Forces. As a Juilliard-trained concert pianist and martial arts black belt, I leverage the power of deliberate practice to help clients transform their thinking + behavior.

“Everyday, I find more mental bandwidth to be creative about my leadership style and to influence people. I’m leading team members from California and Dublin right now, and we’ll be onboarding a team from India in the next few months. There’s no way I’d be able to build and lead a global team in survival mode – now I’m looking forward to doing this!
Ryan Denner, Project Lead

I’ve always been seen as a capable leader but I lacked the skill to clearly explain my leadership style and engage others to do the same. Your tools have helped me tremendously in finding ways to understand myself and to help others in developing themselves as leaders.
Robert Wijers, Managing Partner, Value & Purpose Investments

Renita has truly raised the bar on my professional life. Her coaching helped me increase weekly productivity by ~35%, shatter annual sales goals in months and – probably most important – create a work/life balance that allows me to enjoy every step of this amazing journey.
Chris Maddern, Senior Client Development Manager, Schneider Electric

Email me at renita at renitakalhorn dot com to learn more about 1:1 executive coaching engagements and leadership and team development intensives.