Signature topics include:

Getting Out of Survival Mode

In modern times, our”fight or flight” reactions are rarely due to true survival threats:

Why didn’t he answer my email?
How am I going to get this all done?
What did she mean by that?

More than ever, we need to manage our  ingrained stress responses. Though the usual stress management tips — sleep, exercise, mindfulness — are a good place to start, they don’t address the root cause, the cognitive mistakes our survival-oriented brain routinely makes.

Renita will present her FASTT model for understanding and managing the brain’s “fight or flight” triggers — and how to apply it for greater self-control and influence in high-stakes situations.

The Top Mistakes That Sabotage Your Productivity

Today’s work world is nonlinear and non-stop, punctuated by constant interruption, distraction and change of direction. At the same time, we’re under pressure to produce positive results with fewer resources.

To go beyond getting things done, we need to think different: to change our perception of TIME, invest our ATTENTION wisely and renew our ENERGY sources.

Renita shares powerful principles that will help you:

  • transform chaos into controllable
  • break through inertia and leverage momentum
  • adapt to shifting priorities and demands with less stress and greater clarity
  • eliminate guilt, anxiety and overwhelm in getting the important things done

Bring It On: How To Handle Pressure and Uncertainty in Today’s World

The ability to rebound quickly – to put a poor judgment, disappointing outcome or unexpected setback behind you instantly – is the critical difference between winners and everyone else. Whether an event was or wasn’t under your control, endless venting and rehashing are nothing but a waste of time and mental energy.

Your ability to remain poised, resilient and quickly regain your balance is the one thing that is totally under your control — and your most important competitive edge. Learn the same techniques and strategies that Navy SEALs and Olympics athletes use to get it.

Renita can customize her message to suit your audience:

  • Executive retreats
  • Keynote presentations
  • Lunch ‘n learn seminars
  • Half- and full-day workshops
  • Teleseminars and webinars

For more information, contact renita at renitakalhorn dot com

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