My conversations with Renita have been beautiful gold nuggets

I had absolutely no idea what this kind of conversation would look like but true to Renita’s word; she got me thinking out of my box, she brought more focus to my ideas and through her guidance, we formed concrete goals to persevere at 50+. Some conversations are worth their weight in gold and I can confirm that my conversations with Renita have been beautiful gold nuggets.

S. Chisholm, PR Executive

One of the best things to happen to me

“Working with Renita has been one of the best things to happen to me. I learned specific techniques and strategies to think bigger and expand my comfort zone, both in my personal and professional life. As a result, I received a bonus in a year when others were being downsized, and clients are expressing their appreciation for the quality of my work. It was so helpful to have Renita as a coach and to give a gentle turn to my thinking. I thank her for giving me a great start at my new job and hope to maintain the momentum.”

A. Lall, Senior Consultant, Accenture

A quality of life that I had been aching for

“Thank you for all your coaching and support. I have begun to physically and emotionally experience the abundance in me and around me. This is leading to a happy quality of life that I had been aching for years. The tools that you shared has helped me open up new dimensions in my life.”

S. Muresh, Forex Trader

Valuable information to help renew my energy towards creating my own business

“I wish I went through The Step Up Your Game Group Coaching program while I was still a college student! Although I have already graduated from college, this program is just as important in my professional and personal life. I used to have a hard time with organizing my time and energy (I didn’t even realize how much more effective it is to manage one’s own energy), but Renita’s program has taught me how to do just that and more.

It showed me the importance of utilizing focus (especially on one task at a time) and to always expect the best in life, while being empowered to make the changes that can help you accomplish more and be overall happy.

Within the first month alone, I had such valuable information to help renew my energy towards creating my own business and to keep things in my personal life running smoothly. The small group setting was also very key for me, in that it helped me learn a variety of other people’s life situations that her program is useful for, and to get support from the other folks in the program.

Lastly, Renita is a strong leader, a great example of what she teaches, and knows how to be straightforward with you, but gracious and supportive.”

Sheryl Bon-Bakalov, Life Coach and Entrepreneur

Excited and impassioned to step up and conquer the battles I face in competition

“The Step Up Your Game Group Coaching program has played a momentous role in my life.  I started the program at a time where I felt I was in a slump, and it guided me to a position of jumping up to embrace the world of possibility.  It helped me to identify objectives in my career and in life.

As a player on the professional tennis circuit, I was struggling with performance anxiety, as well as negative and destructive thought patterns, which were affecting my attitude, confidence and self-belief.  This program offered an opportunity to be in a positive group environment, and to learn aspects of peak performance that are relevant to all areas of my life.

I learned to adopt new perspectives and coping mechanisms, as well as ways to address and assert myself in today’s world.  Renita taught me the major building blocks of success, and how to implement them in everyday life, and furthermore, how to increase my happiness and productivity.  Through her program, I was equipped with weapons to face challenges head-on.  Now I am excited and impassioned to step up and conquer the battles I face in competition, where before, I would have conceded to running for the hills.”

Simone K., tennis player on women’s pro circuit

Far exceeded my expectations and helped me increase my productivity under pressure.

“Over the past six months I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Renita in her Step Up Your Game intensive coaching program.  Our professional relationship came out of years as networking colleagues in a city where a ‘coach’ is as ubiquitous as subway delays.  Out of the many options available I chose to work with Renita because she embodied all of the characteristics I thought a coach should have, namely: integrity, strength of character, organization and a sense of personal self-worth.

The impetus of hiring a coach came from several significant changes to my life at the beginning of the year including increased responsibility in my professional career (put in charge of a ten-state NE region for a global energy firm), a strategic market opportunity for my company and ambitious short term goals that needed built-in accountability. On top of this I had recently become engaged to my longtime girlfriend and had personal goals (wedding planning, work/health/lifestyle balance) to attend to.

During our program Renita challenged me to live up to these goals and helped to develop systems that will assist me through the rest of my days. Her coaching has helped me reach higher levels of productivity (completing on average 35% more of my tasks each week with a focus on higher ROI activities), shatter company sales goals (reaching sales targets well ahead of my company’s expectations and causing a revision of double the revenues from my region before the close of 2011) and – probably most important – a work/life balance that allows me to enjoy every step of this amazing journey.

Renita has truly raised the bar on my professional life.   Working with her far exceeded my own expectations in beginning the SUYG Program and raised the bar on what I thought I could achieve – by no means an easy task.

The important thing to remember when considering hiring a coach is that you will do okay without one; but does okay describe where you want to be for the rest of your life?When I think of my time working with Renita I am reminded of a favorite quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.”  It was only until after working with Renita that I could feel confident that I knew the way.”

Christopher R. Maddern, LEED AP, Manager, Regional Business Development, Summit Energy Services, Inc.

Wiped away a large amount of stress and getting significantly more done.

I consider myself an organized person. I’ve had To Do lists and my calendar all sorted out since I was in college. Despite this, I’ve been feeling, for the past three years or so, like I just never have enough time on my hands.

Renita taught me that rather than focusing on getting everything done (which I  realize is impossible), my job is to make sure I’m always doing the most important tasks in front of me. Just this simple paradigm shift, one of many she taught over the three sessions, was quite useful and powerful for me. She taught strategies on how to achieve this and also how to make myself more efficient as I tackle the ever-growing to do list.

As a result, I’ve wiped away a large amount of the stress I used to feel on a daily basis and I’m getting significantly more done in the same amount of hours.

The [Productivity Mindset] course was literally packed with great tips on how to be more productive. I suppose there’s a chance you know all of these tricks already but I’m going to guess that you’ll walk away from the course with either some new strategies or, at the very least, a very useful new perspective on something that’s been holding you back.

If anyone can help you improve, it’s Renita. She’s amazing. Renita doesn’t really mess around with coaching people to grow in a linear fashion. She firmly resides in the territory of exponential leaps forward.

JP Pullos, Photography Entrepreneur and Founder, JP Colors

Learned techniques to  keep me focused, active and motivated.

I waited for a while before writing about my experience with The Step-Up-Your-Game program: I wanted to see if the great results obtained during the sessions were going to last over time.

Well, I have to say that the tools Renita gave us have shown to be easy to use and at my fingertips at anytime I need to take myself back on track, creating a structure when I am a bit lost in the “things to do” overwhelmed feeling and most of all, the discipline necessary to refocus and go straight to the goal! I am now starting to see the results, measurable ones, that push me to do even more!

I also found an excellent group of peers in the Step Up Your Game Program: it was wonderful to  see how at every session we got more into it, closer and interactive. Grazie Renita!

Annalisa Maffey, Rome, Italy, President of Do-Nation

Gave me quantifiable and actionable steps that I could implement immediately.

“Renita has an uncanny way of synthesizing my goals and emotional desires into quantifiable and actionable steps that I can implement immediately. She has also recommended other books and resources that have been spot-on for my particular issues or resistance that I’m working through. Best of all, she walks the walk. Renita exemplifies her coaching with her consistent and repeated successes in her own life.”

A. Benjamin, Sales Trainer

Creates a space for real solutions.

“Renita clearly knows how to ask questions. Unlike your typical coach who seems to know everything and imposes pre-programmed answers on your questions, Renita hears her clients out and shows a great degree of empathy. As a result, she not only understands the challenges her clients may be dealing with but she creates a space within which real solutions can be found.”

VP & Counselor of Law, Deutsche Bank

Changed my life in a way I will never forget.

“My experience with Renita changed my life in a way I will never forget. She is an extraordinary coach who is able to connect, stimulate and inspire in amazing ways. I’m ready for her to take me to the next level. I have  struggled with smoking for years and spent the last three years either in a state of quitting, getting ready to quit or just starting to smoke  again.  Eight months ago, I was able to visualize my success. I knew I could and would quit. And I did. ”

David F., Entrepreneur, Boca Raton, FL

Helped shift my game performance into high gear.

“Before our coaching, I needed to retool my time management process and assess how to adapt to a volatile working environment. Working with Renita helped me to shift my game performance into the next gear and take control of the situation.”

Shawn M., Vice President, Wall Street Professional

Invaluable in breaking down my limiting and self imposed beliefs.

“I chose to work with Renita from the many thousands of coaches out there in cyberspace because I was initially very impressed by her wide range of interests and skills, and when I had my first consultation I knew that she would be someone that I would respond to. At the beginning, I was stuck, very stuck! I had lots of ideas about the direction I wanted to go in, but very little self-belief. Whereas Renita has a black belt in taekwon-do, I had black belts in procrastination, fear and self sabotage! Renita has been invaluable in breaking down my limiting and self imposed beliefs and providing a structure for me to achieve what I am aiming for, she has kept me “in the flow”. I cannot recommend her too highly!”

Alex M., Documentary Producer and Adventure Guide

Helped me stay focused and not get discouraged.

“I decided to get some coaching while preparing for an important orchestra audition — usually a nervewracking experience. Renita shared techniques and ideas that really helped me to stay focused and not get discouraged. As a result, I was well prepared and was able to play my best.”

Carolyn Peyrin, Professional Violinist, Paris Opera

Realized a dream I’ve had for many years.

“I recently made a major career change, and I couldn’t have done it without Renita. She gave me the tools and guidance I needed to get on track and realize a dream I’ve had for many years. Renita motivates and inspires the best in you.”

Jill W., Senior Grant Writer

I look and feel different than when I started this process a few weeks ago.

“Renita is a truly talented coach! With great skill she guides the sessions into unexpected territory, inspiring insights, new perspectives, and, most importantly, change. I look and feel different than when I started this process a few weeks ago. I have already accomplished the three initial goals I set with Renita’s encouragement every step of the way. I can’t wait to see what else unfolds in my personal and professional life in the coming months!”

Marion B., Program Director, National Healthcare Organization

What Participants Say About Renita’s Group Coaching and Workshops:

“Flow is such a relevant and powerful topic that I am sure all our attendees found it interesting and valuable.  Your ability as a personal coach to embed Zen-like philosophy and discipline into modern management techniques to bring out an individual’s hidden potential for achieving peak performance is truly remarkable.  The unique system you have developed addresses a crying need for effective coaches high-pressure and volatile society.”

“Thank you so much for all the presentations you gave us last week.  All of your coaching and advice really helped me put networking and creating my personal brand into perspective.  You made the activities very lively, interactive, and engaging.  If only all teachers and coaches were so good!”

“Thank you for presenting at the Mid-Manhattan Library last night.  The program was excellent and the large crowd it attracted is a credit to you and the topic.  I believe that many attendees were inspired to change for the better after listening to your tips.  Thank you for an inspiring and informative evening.”

“Thank you for a very pleasant, informative workshop.  What I liked most was the interaction with other participants who truly seemed to be interested in improving their daily lives.  This happened because of your excellent guidance.”

“I found your presentation thoughtful, positive and motivating.  The value of sharing experiences with others was very useful and created a powerful sense of fulfillment in knowing others face and overcome similar challenges.  Thank you!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sharing of ideas on a topic I feel to be completely universal.  Everyone I know can benefit from the ideas put forth in this seminar.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop – the interactive parts really helped the concepts hit home.  It made me think about what I do and how I react in situations and how I can improve in the future.  Thanks!”

“Helpful information – would recommend to others and take it again for reinforcement.”

“The workshop helped to put peak performance in perspective; it’s not always ‘adding’ to a situation as much as ‘simplifying’ a situation.  Renita kept the workshop open and friendly.”

“The tactics given to help ‘get in the flow’ were very helpful.  I realized that I can create tools to make my work more productive and fun and also jump start tasks that are often overwhelming or daunting.”

“This was great.  I was tired and not feeling well when I arrived but the energy of the room and material being presented really engaged me.  Thank you!”

“The most important insight for me was recognizing when I get into overwhelm, knowing that gets moving in the right direction.”

“Great ideas I can put to work right away!”

“Good mix of information and interactivity/group sharing.”

“This was an excellent workshop.  Reminded me of how to get back on track.”

“This workshop made me reflect on things I do and don’t do in my day and has brought new perspective to me.  I will be thinking of steps on how to get into the flow going forward.  Thank you.”

“Really great! I love that you deliver the information in a gentle way, which makes it accessible for everyone at whatever place they’re at.”

“Very useful techniques and appreciated the interactive nature.”