eBook: Mental Toughness for Entrepreneurs

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flowfactor3Ever wondered why some people perform at their best when the stakes are high, while others choke? What the difference is between those who stick with it over the long haul – and those who give up and throw in the towel?

It’s not extraordinary talent, skill or knowledge. And it’s not elite education or superior genetics. It’s a quality that’s hard to define but unmistakable when you see it in action. It’s mental toughness.

In Mental Toughness for Entrepreneurs, you’ll find interviews with experts that address the extraordinary levels of resilience, grit and adaptability needed to master the daily rollercoaster ride that is an entrepreneur’s life.

Learn from leadership expert Simon Sinek how a powerful “why” highlights the path through adversity and, from business coach Pamela Slim, how to handle self-doubt and stay motivated. Former Navy SEAL Mark Divine explains the unbeatable mindset necessary to consistently rise to the occasion in high-pressure situations while Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich shares his unconventional system for decision-making and start-up productivity. Psychologists Dr. Jason Selk and Dr. Sian Beilock delve into the latest research, explaining what kind of goals to set and how to eliminate performance anxiety.

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