TEAM DEVELOPMENT: High Performance for Innovation and Influence

Welcome to the “new normal:” a world of volatility, uncertainty and complexity.

Top performers today need more so much more than technical expertise and knowledge. They need to evolve their thinking, to develop mental agility and emotional intelligence.

They need a mindset that enables them to adapt and excel in fast-changing environments, skills that can be learned and developed through deliberate practice: emotional control, calm under pressure, grit, self-confidence and laser-focus – as well as the meta-abilities of learning and mastering new ways of thinking.

Without them, your team will be facing burnout, under-performance and dis-engagement.


MODULE 1. Introduction: The Connection Between Self Mastery, Trust and Influence

  • Habits of Influential People
  • The Trust Quotient

MODULE 2. Get Out of Survival Mode

  • The Mental Six-Pack System
  • Leverage Biology to Create Psychological Safety (Identifying FASTT Triggers)

MODULE 3. Burn The Mental Fat

  • Emotional Loops and Addictions (i.e. Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work)
  • Ego Management and Negotiation (Managing WOPS: Worry, Overwhelm, Procrastination and Second-Guessing)

MODULE 4: Flex Your Mental Muscle

  • Identifying and Articulating Value
  • Telling a “Winning Story” With Integrity
  • People-Pleasing vs Servant Leadership
  • Strategic Vulnerability

MODULE 5: The High-Velocity Growth Cycle

  • Deliberate Practice
  • Red-Teaming


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