1:1 Private Coaching

You are a maverick.

You perceive the world differently than everyone else.
You have a track record of taking bold risks and achieving the incredible.
You are a game-changer, with a vision to create something that will make a difference in this emerging new world.
You are a courageous leader, committed to living a life of growth, learning and passion.

And yet, despite your hard work and exceptional results, you know you aren’t expressing your greatest potential…

  • You thrive under stress and pressure, but feel increasingly impatient and overwhelmed
  • You are supremely confident in your vision and yet, sometimes feel overcome with doubt
  • You have strong emotions and wish you could manage them better
  • You are passionate about your work and yet struggle to balance it with rich, fulfilling relationships
  • You are driven by a nagging fear of not being (or doing) enough

You have a sense that so much more is possible — more joy, more peace, a richer experience of life. And at some level, you know that as you master your psychology and access the power of your heart, your productivity will also reach new heights.

You’re ready to realize your true genius.

And you appreciate the power of an outside perspective.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been on the path of self-mastery since the age of five. Quantum thinking, behavioral psychology, cross-cultural experience, martial arts, music performance – every aspect of my life serves as a context for my understanding of personal growth and provides the power for my coaching. (Learn more about my personal history here.)

I’m here to help you express your power more fully than you ever have before. To stay focused and aligned with your purpose and vision. To expand your comfort zone to superhuman dimensions.

Coaching with me is a creative partnership, an intense, transcendent journey. Yes, transcendent. Sometimes the journey is exciting and playful; sometimes it’schallenging and uncomfortable (but you know the magic happens right outside your comfort zone, right?).

To be sure, this work isn’t for everyone.

Coaching with me is for people with the fortitude to confront stubborn beliefs and habits, and the discipline to be consistent and committed.

When I meet someone who inspires me, I invite them into a coaching conversation. If what I’ve written resonates, send me an email and we’ll see if there’s a fit. renita at renitakalhorn dot com

If I think we have potential for alchemy, I’ll invite you into a coaching conversation, where we’ll dive deep and explore what your inner genius is calling you to create in the world. That one session may be all you need.

Or, maybe I’ll invite you to step into an alternate future, where we partner together to accelerate your vision into reality, and your life becomes one of unbelievable synchronicity and creation.

The investment for this partnership is from $20,000 to $100,000, payment made upfront with no refunds. This structure is critical to the success of this partnership. When things get challenging, the only alternative is expansion.

I look forward to hearing from you.




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