The world is only going to become more volatile and uncertain.

It's not going to be enough to get better at planning and predicting the future.

It’s to get better at addressing unexpected challenges as they come.

to relearn and reinvent yourself again and again.

Most important of all will be the ability to deal with change, to learn new things and to keep your balance in unfamiliar situations.

What is the right thing to do when confronting a completely unprecedented situation? How do you handle enormous amounts of information and there is no way you can absorb and analyze it all? How to live in a world where profound uncertainty is not a bug, but a feature?

how to make decisions and commit

To thrive and flourish in such a world, you'll need mental flexibility and emotional balance. You'll have to repeatedly let go of the familiar, and feel comfortable with the unknown.

It's not going to just happen.

We need to train for this. 


Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a concert pianist and studying at The Juilliard School.

At Juilliard, my teacher told me I “played like a mouse” and asked if I had considered going to law school. Why no, actually, I hadn't.

But after a piano competition that felt more like a cattle call, I decided to go to law school.

After one year of clerking in a law firm, I dropped out and moved to Japan.

I learned to speak, read and write Japanese and worked in Japanese companies.

After seven years, I went to France for business school. 

A music major surrounded by “quant jocks," I finished the first semester at the bottom of my class. 

 I made it through. 

But while everyone else was interviewing on campus with top investment banks and consulting firms and Fortune 500. 

I came back to the U.S. While looking for work, I temped as an administrative assistant. 

I started taking taekwon-do. At my taekwon-do black belt test, I didn't break the boards (and it took three more tries until I did). Eventually, I landed a general management role in a dot-com. And then another one. Ultimately, I was laid off three times.

Finally I decided to start my coaching business. To learn about selling, I sold health insurance. 

All of this to say, I know how to be resilient. How to reframe a situation. How to reinvent myself. how to persevere when I feel embarrassed, publicly fail. How to give up a big dream. know when to pivot. How to know when I'm being driven by ego or my soul/values.

There's no shortage of tips and information. I want to share more of these stories and I want to create a place where other high performers can process and share what's worked for them. 

I've found that I learn just having a concept is not enough. I need to know how others are using them. fro

As you go through this training program, you'll find you:

You feel in control, less reactive when things don't go as planned...

You're able to stay calm when everyone else is losing it...

You'll bounce back so quickly from a setback you'll think,

You’re more patient, with others and yourself, less likely to blow things out of proportion...

You feel grounded and focused, less distracted and overwhelmed...

You’re able to stay in the moment, without your mind constantly racing...

You feel inspired to take action, less likely to procrastinate because you're worried about getting it wrong...

You recover more quickly from a setback or disappointment...

You feel more connected, less isolated and alone...

What you'll get:

Weekly calls where I'll share one exercise or technique and Q&A (recorded)

Toolbox of exercises and technique to practice that you can activate immediately in your daily routine and interactions with people.

Each exercise synthesizes concepts from neuroscience, quantum thinking and behavioral psychology into powerful tools and techniques: the exact same ones my top-performer clients have used to tap into their inner strength. 


  • A weekly 45 min teaching and Q&A session led by Tosha.
  • A community forum where you can connect with others who are living Surrender, Invitation and Offering. (A private Facebook group.)

Weekly calls are a cornerstone of the program. They’re a great way to help people quickly and concisely. Questions can be submitted at any timeAlso, no need to be live on the weekly calls as they are recordedForum members can hear the recordings at their convenience, and listen to and review them as often as they’d like.

A few important details:

  • Having technical problems enrolling or questions about the forum? Please send them to us at and we’ll get you answers as quickly as we can.
  • The forum is always active, and you’ll get access to it within 12 hours of joining (much sooner during PST working hours).
  • Community calls will be held weekly on Tuesdays at 9 am PST.
  • All subscriptions will automatically renew monthly, with the day you enroll being the first day of your month of membership (or six months, or year of membership).
  • While the forum includes a private Facebook group, if you don’t wish to be on Facebook you can still enjoy all other benefits of the program. Many people have chosen this option.
  • Additional details will be in your enrollment letter.


Renita is an executive coach who's worked with 1,200+ clients in 40+ countries. Tapping 10+ years of coaching future Navy SEAL candidates, she specializes in helping visionary leaders build loyal A-teams so they can scale their impact in a fast-changing world.


"Why hasn't anyone told us this before?!"

That was one of the most fascinating, and applicable, lessons in practical psychology I've heard, and I look forward to applying those concepts to my daily life."

"By not being in survival mode, I have more real-time awareness of my own emotions (ego) and can manage it better, I have more real-time awareness of subtle cues from others that I can use to challenge them or extract the right information to make for a more productive conversation, more mental bandwidth to create who I want to be, which enables me to process information much more objectively so I can be a better leader.” 

 "So many things in the teaching, Renita, were like little micro-keys. Just being able to open those tiny little locks one after another started me on these little trajectories, like when you’re on a spaceship heading toward the moon, and that little micro change changes your course. Small realizations that added up to big things, taking me off automatic pilot and giving me the power to make another choice.”

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