Evolving Faster

Leadership Training Modules


Introduction: The Big Picture

  • An overview of Leadership Agility: the new skill to produce 10X results with 1/10 the effort
  • Identifying and overcoming the most common limiting beliefs we encounter around leading, people development and learning
  • The Era of Empowerment – why the future of leadership will be dedicated to creating eco-systems, not ego-systems, based on your ability to communicate, build trust and relationships, and manage wicked problems

Module 1: The Trust Equation

  • How to amplify the single biggest opportunity for creating trust without taking time or having to prove your credibility 
  • The four key components of trust and how to avoid the results-focused approach that can actually destroy trust
  • Learn the actual mathematical formula for diagnosing the level of trust in a relationship and a checklist to pinpoint how to restore it when it’s lost: The Trust Equation
  • Take the Survival Orientation Snapshot for a 9-point evaluation of your current trust-building patterns
  • Identify the “low-hanging fruit:” communication habits you can adopt that immediately increase your trustworthiness with anyone

Module 2: Stress Management and Getting Out of Survival Mode

  • Understand how to override the three cognitive mistakes that keep you on the treadmill of survival — access new levels of focus, clear decision-making and compound learning 
  • Learn how to minimize the impact of uncertainty (global, long-term, daily) on productivity
  • Discover the neuroscience behind the five FASTT drivers of human behavior – how to transform social threats into meaningful rewards for greater motivation, trust and engagement
  • How to identify and neutralize thousands of daily “stealth triggers” so you can increase your capacity for stress without impacting your cognitive functioning or immune system
  • A new way of managing stress using “micro-shifts" instead of stop-gap measures – people who miss this are destined to eventually suffer from overwhelm and burn out
  • Dreading difficult conversations? Complete the FASTT Map for greater self-control, situational awareness and ability to influence stakeholders, especially when the stakes are high

Module 3: Emotional Control

  • Why "emotions as chemical reactions" is the missing link in most people's attempts to change – and how factoring it in can unlock new behaviors as soon as your next conversation
  • Interrupt emotional loops using the "90-second rule" – a helpful constraint to escape the judgment zone in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Create your personal recovery strategy, using a series of micro-shifts to permanently change unproductive reactions
  • Feeling out of control? The physical technique that will enable you to trick your brain so you can instantly feel safe and present in the moment
  • Explore the fascinating science behind "the heart as a second brain” — how to maximize its electromagnetic power for authentic connection, communication and decision-making

Module 4: Optimized Thinking

  • A little-known distinction – between emotional and functional thinking – that can completely revolutionize your productivity and get you off the emotional rollercoaster
  • Decoding the hidden payoffs of unproductive behaviors (e.g. proving yourself, micro-managing, second-guessing) so you can change your default behavior once and for all
  • Understand how to cultivate self-compassion and kindness as the key skills required to achieve ultimate levels of performance and leadership
  • "Time as a tool" not a threat: a different take on time management that starts with creating boundaries for focus, instead of a scarcity mindset
  • Eliminate overthinking using the "what not why” technique to instantly shift to productive, intentional action

Module 5: Ego Management

  • Learn Ego Negotiation techniques – the new, far more effective way of dealing with your inner critic that becomes possible once you have a Mental Six-Pack
  • Discover the incredible power of personal Rules of Engagement, with a specific template and guidance on how to create them for yourself and your team
  • Become bullet-proof: self-narration, wiggling and strategic time-outs as potent sources of calm and self-control for leaders

Module 6:  Purpose-Driven Leadership

  • Understand the common pitfalls of servant leadership, and the agile approach based on my 15+ years of experience
  • Equip yourself with 6 “pleasing vs serving” distinctions – critical skills to create psychological safety, improve decision-making and focus on value creation 
  • What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: a step-by-step walkthrough to identify "blind spots" and upgrade outdated achievement strategies
  • Don’t have time for 1:1s? Increase the return-on-investment of each interaction by training your team how to talk to you
  • Turn your observations into interstitial "field notes" that improve your ability to give valuable, targeted feedback
  • Afraid to be your true self? How “Own Everything" is the mindset you need to recover all the energy you put into hiding parts of yourself, and experience a lasting sense of peace, freedom and invincibility

Module 7:  Conversational Capacity

  • How to transform difficult conversations into unexpected “bonding moments" that allow you to instantly access more of your team’s hidden potential and create extreme ownership
  • The secret of Strategic Vulnerability: the real story of how great leaders navigate politics, irrational behavior and emotions
  • Discover the incredible power of Deliberate Practice, with in-depth feedback and guidance on how to integrate it into your routine and with your team
  • Practice real-life high-stakes conversations with peers in a safe environment, with instant feedback and coaching on how to strategize and respond
  • Strengthen your conversational capacity and ability to read the room by borrowing principles from Navy SEALs, stand-up comedians and other experts in high-stakes communication

Module 8:  High-Velocity Learning

  • Find out how great leaders extract more learning from their experience and build up their leadership capital using compounding gains
  • Transform failure into intellectual property: how to leverage mistakes to create a valuable experience database that drives accountability and continuous improvement
  • Operationalize Your Learning: The 4 essential steps that a high-velocity learning system must have, and how to apply them