[PODCAST] Flow Mastery (Not Hacking), with Jiro Taylor

Back in August 2008, Jiro Taylor was, in his words “fat, unfulfilled and full of fears.” As a headhunter for hedge funds and investment banks in Hong Kong, he “sat alongside a team of hustlers in suits and tie, on the 36th floor of a skyscraper, and talked shit all day long.”

For awhile, the life of a deal-maker — including scoring a $250K payday —  was heady stuff. Until he saw himself starting to become one of them, obsessed with getting more and fearful of not having enough. And he knew that wasn’t the path he wanted to go down.

So, after some agonizing soul-searching, he handed in his notice, threw his Blackberry in the ocean and broke out of the system.

Now Jiro splits his time between Bali and Australia, living a life in pursuit of flow, whether it’s snowboarding down mountains, surfing waves, practicing Qi Gong or leading adventure and meditation retreats for entrepreneurs.

He joined me on the Mental Toughness for Mavericks podcast where, as two fellow flow junkies, we geeked out on the different phases of flow and what keeps us from accessing it, how to get out of survival mode, the power of nature and how  to access flow when there’s a crisis at the office.

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