TEAM TRAINING for High Performance and Innovation

Welcome to the “new normal:” a world of volatility, uncertainty and complexity.

Industrial-age, linear thinking won’t cut it anymore. To maximize the performance potential of your teams, you have to think differently.

Is your team set up for success?

High performers need more than technical expertise and knowledge. They can’t just do more of what they’ve always done. They need to evolve their thinking, to develop mental agility and emotional intelligence.

They need a broad spectrum of mental capabilities that enable them to adapt and excel in fast-paced environments, skills that they aren’t necessarily born with but can learn and develop: self-motivation, emotional control, calm under pressure, grit, self-confidence and laser-focus – not to mention the meta-ability to learn and master new ways of thinking.

Without them you have issues like burnout, falling productivity or ineffective management that slow you down and force you to spend valuable time, energy and money addressing the problem.

You can’t afford B-players.

It’s one thing to ask your team to “step up their game.” But where do they start?

Information alone is not enough – if it were, we’d all be thin, rich and super-productive. Full-day workshops and retreats are a great kickstart to motivate, inspire and teach specific skills but they’re not likely to result in lasting behavioral change or improved performance – back in the busyness of the daily routine, it’s only natural to revert to what’s familiar even if not optimal.

What does work is a consistent, disciplined and systematic methodology for creating and integrating new habits over time. Based on this philosophy, the Step Up Your Game program has helped dozens of high-achievers fast-forward their development of peak performance habits to experience exponential results.

Achieve Optimal Performance

Through a strategic combination of group and one-to-one coaching, you and your team gain access to a customized playbook of practical strategies and techniques based in behavioral psychology, neuroscience and quantum thinking to create a game plan for:

  • achieving productivity under pressure and dealing with “impossible” deadlines, resource constraints, relentless competition
  • maximizing team/personal effectiveness and minimizing communication friction
  • cultivating critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • developing mental toughness and resilience (persevere in adversity, bounce back from setbacks)
  • eliminating interference that gets in the way of leveraging knowledge and creativity
  • executing the critical actions that generate the most business value
To explore how I can provide solutions that will deliver measurable results and bottom-line impact.
contact: renita AT renitakalhorn DOT com. 

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