[PODCAST] Becoming Fit and Legit: How a Former Drug Dealer Founded ConBody and Turned His Life Around, with Coss Marte

Starting at the age of 13, Coss Marte built a $2M cocaine-and-marijuana empire in New York City before getting busted. While serving time, he developed a bodyweight exercise program that he could do in a 9’x6′ prison cell — he lost 70 pounds and went on to help his fellow inmates lose a total of 1,000 pounds.

Once released, he was determined to build a legitimate business and, with the help of organizations like Defy Ventures, he’s gotten funding through Shark Tank and a successful Kickstarter to open his own gym, ConBody, where he hires the formerly incarcerated as trainers.



We spoke about:

  • His approach to hustling
  • How he made the decision to become fit
  • His consistent path of action to a workout routine in prison
  • How he used anger to fuel his intentions and lose 70 pounds in 6 months
  • How he created a movement of inmates working out and helped over 20 inmates lose over a thousand pounds
  • A set-up that added another year to his prison sentence
  • How solitary confinement and lack of outside stimulation shifted his mindset. His spiritual awakening ( and the incredible “stamp in the Bible” story!)
  • How he came up the idea for ConBody, where he hires formerly incarcerated individuals to become trainers
  • How he got a deal with Saks Fifth avenue
  • His secret to changing your reality
  • The heartwarming answer to who he considers the most successful person