[PODCAST] Understanding the Real Blueprint for Success and High Performance, with Jeff Spencer

jeff-spencerJeff Spencer, an Olympian and advisor to Lance Armstrong, Bono and Tiger Woods, says that much of the conventional advice around success doesn’t work.

Jeff personally knows the journey to championship as a sprint cyclist on the 1972 US Olympic cycling team. As the team doctor to 6 winning cycling teams in the Tour de France, generally recognized as the most grueling, challenging and life-affirming competition there is: he knows how to coax the best performance out of his team, and recognize what it takes on a physical and mental level to keep going, despite impossible circumstances.

His perspective as a competitor, physician as well as a coach, uniquely qualifies him to understand the anatomy of what goes into a championship performance no matter what your arena.

In our conversation, he shares insights into the champion’s blueprint and why we can’t let human nature run the show.