What Makes A Great Manager: Productivity Not Politics [Work Reimagined]

If you’ve ever worked at a company, this will come as no surprise: bad managers abound.

In fact, a 2012 Gallup poll determined that only one in ten managers possess the traits necessary to be great. So what does it take? In the fourth installment of a five-part series for Life Reimagined, I explain how great managers focus on productivity, not politics.

Mary, a millennial at the beginning of her career, was the antithesis of a high performer, delivering work that was careless and inaccurate, regularly taking off Mondays or Fridays to create long weekends, and openly complaining in meetings about how she wasn’t appreciated.

Mary insisted that she just “needed more of a challenge,” and Johanna, her boss, selected Mary to participate in a yearlong leadership development program. Nine months in, when Mary’s sub-par work ethic and attitude showed no improvement, Johanna spoke to higher-ups about the need to “manage Mary out.”

After evaluating the situation, management decided that wasn’t an option. Why?

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