[Flow Tip #13] Transport Yourself

In my ebook, Focused and In the Flow, I came up with 21 tips for getting into the flow. Here’s tip #13 and a Nike ad that shows you how it works:

Not inspired or excited by your immediate environment? Why not imagine a different one. Children do it all the time, transforming the living room into a haunted castle, one minute, or a jungle filled with spies, in the next.

Why tether yourself, in spirit, to the same old desk when you can transport yourself to a villa in Tuscany, where you’re a promising author, say, sponsored by the Baronessa Beatrice Monti? Or transform your treadmill workout into a training session for a boxing bout with Laila Ali.

This is not about escaping reality via idle fantasy or daydreaming. Rather it’s about igniting your imaginative powers to imbue your ordinary routine with vivid detail and sensation, heightening your experience of reality.

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