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Hi, I'm Renita.

I work with maverick leaders to unlock their greatest potential.
  • Master the high-performance mindset to 10X your results, influence and impact.
  • Shift from operating in survival (reactive) mode to creation (growth) mode.
  • Rewrite the subconscious beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you.
  • Integrate your work and personal life for greater passion, focus and freedom.
  • Uncover your deepest desires and give yourself permission to have them. 
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    Latest Blog Posts

    • Feb, 18

      Are you afraid of the wrong things?

      When I was living in Japan, my primary goal was to learn to speak Japanese. And I became fluent. I worked in a Japanese-speaking environment, I interviewed CEOs in Japanese, I wrote articles in Japanese for a business newspaper.  But there was one word that always tripped me up.  I’d be in a conversation with […]

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      Jan, 28

      Your ego’s favorite three-letter word

      Let’s say you’re on a cross-country road trip, from New York to California, for example. You program your destination in the GPS and then, at some point, you realize you’ve taken a wrong turn and are now going in the wrong direction.  The GPS doesn’t say, “Well, that was stupid. Why did you do that? Why can’t […]

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    • Jan, 11

      What can having more influence do for you?

      Years ago, before I became a professional coach, I had a colleague who reported to two bosses, one in the US and one in Europe. At one point, we were on a business trip together, bonding over an after-work drink, and she began venting about one of them. I listened for awhile and then pointed […]

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      Dec, 29

      It’s not over until you’re in the shower

      Want a simple technique for more self control? Because in today’s world, we have a lot of options. And that means decisions.  Factor in emotion and we’re likely to spend a lot of mental energy in FOMO, going back and forth or around in circles, feeling frustrated, confused, fearful —  thinking about making a decision but not taking action. (And […]

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    • Nov, 29

      We are not lemmings (or sheep)

      In fourth grade science class, we watched a Disney nature documentary about the migration of lemmings. I still vividly remember the aerial view of this mass of lemmings scurrying along the path and, as they came to the edge of the cliff, leaping after each other into the ocean to eventually flounder and drown. Maybe […]

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      Nov, 10

      Do you know how to articulate your value?

      When I was getting my MBA at INSEAD, I often felt intimidated in conversations with my classmates: They spoke up in class with such assurance about mapping out the product portfolio matrix and calculating discounted cash flows, concepts that were foreign to me. “Wow,” I used to think, “they have so much self-confidence.” In the years […]

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    • Oct, 26

      The “secret” to authentic influence

      People think that to have influence you have to: Have fancy credentials (an Ivy League degree or experience! worked at brand-name company!) Be a brilliant expert who always knows the right answer Have a big title and recognized status Have an impressive track record (sold three companies! has thousands of followers!) Be a charming extrovert and eloquent speaker (preferably with […]

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      Oct, 7

      Why you need a better (emotional) vocabulary

      Recently, I went to a chiropractor here in Paris to treat the pain in my lower back. When speaking in English, I have a wide range of vocabulary to describe pain — throbbing, aching, burning, shooting, tender, sore, tingling. In French, however, all I could say was “it hurts.” If it had been a more […]

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    • Sep, 7

      How to know for sure it will work out

      How do I know it will work out? In working with 1,000+ clients over the past 10 years, I’ve heard countless variations on this question. How do I know … … if I should start my own company. … which job offer to take. … if I should reach out to someone. … if the […]

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      Aug, 31

      How to have more productive conversations

      The other day, I was coaching two super-smart co-founders who need to improve their communication with each other if their company is going to thrive. One of the behaviors they wanted to develop was more productive disagreements. “What are your criteria for a productive conversation?” I asked. “One that’s oriented toward a goal,” said one […]

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